Vision of the Grail Book Cover

Vision of the Grail Book Cover

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Vision of the Grail is a metaphysical novel that was written in 1996. It was designed to awaken something within each reader that would  open them to the greater possibility within their own lives, and as a result, to recognize  their gifts more fully and share them with the world. Many people found the book and wrote that it was a life changer for them. They felt that the story could be about their own lives, and through the years, many new readers found the book and sent e-mails saying much the same. What I realize now in 2012 is that so much that was written then is absolutely pertinent to what we are experiencing right now within ourselves and in the world. So, as a new beginning, this book will be available in e-book format soon. In the meantime, read the synopsis of the story and some of the readers comments. Also, Chapter 1 is included to give you a sense of what the book is about.

Imagine…you are told you must do something that will change your life forever, and in the process you will take an adventure to places you’ve never been, discovering things about yourself and life you didn’t know existed. That’s what happens as you open the pages of  Vision of the Grail.

The story begins with a strange request. The narrator takes you on a journey that begins in San Francisco at a replica of an ancient labyrinth, to the mountains of New Mexico where a group of seekers are called to a mysterious meeting. You join them in the quest to discover the meaning behind life as the past and present merge in a continuous unfolding of truth, slowly revealing the full meaning of the Grail. Events weave wisdom from many different traditions and viewpoints as the Grail moves beyond the myth of religious symbolism into a living spiritual reminder of who we are, and why we are here.

Meaningful dreams, incidents, and remarkable people bring  lessons about the purpose of life from different perspectives. The thread of the story interweaves the paradox of light and dark, calling each of us to make conscious choices about how we live our lives. In the end, the elusive nature of the Grail reveals itself to provide a startling vision – a challenge to humanity. This book is an adventure and a revelation about your own personal journey, and the possibility that awaits each of us at the dawn of the 21st Century.